Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life Is Short - Thank God each and every day!

Life is short…even if we are one of those that live to see 100…it goes by like a flash…a dream that can turn into a nightmare if we do not know God. There are many things in this world that trouble my spirit. Senseless wars - Children and women abused worse than animals - People so caught up in themselves that all they can do is complain about what they don’t have and sell their soul just to get more…more…

More of what?! All in this life is vanity and vexation of spirit. I have not seen 40 years yet and I feel like I have seen 200, I have had the luxury of food, and shelter and people that have loved me and yet it has not filled my soul with anything substantial…I have tasted of the “pleasures” of this world and it has left a bitter taste in my mouth and a shadow in my heart…

Why am I here? What is my purpose? Those are the questions I ask myself and those are the things that we should be asking God…

I cannot say I know, and yet I feel it…I feel that my birth is no accident and my life has a purpose, a potential I have not realized as of yet but God knows. I have never been a fan of money and riches but my struggles are no less real and involve other temptations that would lure the human mind. And yet each day I feel more and more disconnected from these things…each day I try and sit down and remember what is most important…

I am here because God has work for me to do. It is my choice whether to let Him in and allow Him to fulfill that work or shut Him out. It’s amazing when I think about it…the Creator, who holds the Universe in His hand has given wee little me the option to say..”No.” It is really something I can hardly comprehend. But the more I think of it the more I am moved to say “YES, Lord!”

Today I was taken up in my work and thinking about that and as I came close to my exit from the highway I saw black smoke and then a car burning up on the other side, the side I had taken to go to my destination only 1 ½ hrs earlier. I slowed down the car and stared and for some crazy reason took out my camera and took a few shots of the scene then I headed off home. When I put them on my computer I was amazed to see I actually captured quite a bit of the actual car burning up…I don’t know why but I was moved to post it on my other Blog earlier today.

Tonight as I was cooking dinner safe in my house I heard on the news, a person was in that car and they died in that horrific way! That could be me or anyone else at any given time in the day…how often do we take for granted getting in our car that we will get from point A to point B without incident? How many times have we asked God to take the wheel or Thanked Him when we get to our destination? How ungrateful I feel when I think about it!!

I have been feeling thankful each and every day as my real estate career thrives in the middle of a deep recession…as I see God’s hand in everything, helping me…guiding me…keeping me and my family safe and healthy and able to eat anything we want and enjoy the warmth of our cozy homes. But thinking about how my mind was on those 3 listings I just got today instead of thinking Thank God I am here and safe when seeing that fire on the side of the road that I realized yet again how easily we can get busy with life and forget the most important thing in life. Yes, we have to make a living, and no we cannot be like monks praying and studying scripture every second of the day, but I have been reminded yet again that I want to take a few minutes throughout the day and constantly remember God and thank Him for His goodness towards me.

My prayer this night…

(I grew up on the King James version of the Bible and to this day when I pray I pray in the old English, it’s more respectful to my ear somehow, though I know language is no barrier, God hears the prayer of our souls which goes beyond words and cannot be captured in words).

My Dear God and Father,

Who am I that Thou hast taken note of me? How can I ever hope to repay Thy mercy, and Thy love and Thy gentle kindness?

There is nothing Dear Lord, nothing that I can do but come before Thee in humbleness of heart and lay my life at Thy feet. Take it Dear Father and do with it as Thou wilt.

Show me Thy way and Thy truth I beg Thee each and every day and help me to live a life that would glorify Thy name, and bear witness to Thee.

Thou art Almighty and Powerful Dear Father and only Thou canst help me in my weakness. Increase my faith and increase my love for Thee and for all the things Thou lovest. Help me to hate the things Thou hatest and help me to learn each lesson Thou dost teach me.

Forgive me Precious Father, for every time that I have failed and come short…forgive me for the times that I have denied Thee, that I have hurt Thy heart, for all the things that I have said and done that offended Thy Holy Name.

Dear Father, I thank Thee ever so much for Thy love…that love that drew me even when my soul was ensconced in darkness…when my willful mind turned from Thee…I thank Thee that Thou knowest my thoughts and my deepest secrets.

I thank Thee that Thou hast shown me what it means to let Thee take control. How beautiful and sweet the rest and peace that I have found in Thee! How precious are the moments that my heart has communed with Thine.

Father mine, how can I ever thank Thee?! Words have no meaning and the human mind cannot describe Thy goodness. How Great Thou Art! There is none that can compare in sweetness, in loyalty, in strength and in any other way!

Thou art the Alpha and Omega and yet Thou dost speak to me…a mere handful of dust in whom Thou hast breathed the breath of life. How wonderous are Thy works Dear Father, that Thou canst even dwell within this body, use it as Thy temple.

Oh Precious Father, keep me clean and keep me within the confines of Thy Will that Thy Holy Spirit may dwell therein now and for the rest of days that Thou hast given me here on this earth.

I thank Thee Father for my sweet little one…the precious charge of a human life that Thou hast known even while in my womb, I thank Thee for taking care of her from my womb and even to this day…I pray Thee Dear Father that Thou wouldst help me to be an example to her and to point her towards Thee each and every day so that Thou canst show her Thyself in Thine own good time…

I pray that Thou wouldst bless her and be with her and watch over her Dear Father…Let Thine angels camp around her Precious Father, let Thy Light dispel the shadows that face her in her lifetime too.

Keep her from the evil Dear Father and help her to learn to love Thee as Thou hast taught me to love Thee!

I pray that Thou wouldst remember too, all those in my family that have a special need for Thee, that Thou wouldst deal with them and let Thy Spirit continue to touch them until they know of Thy healing touch again Dear Father!

Remember too all those in this world that suffer Dear Father, and most of all, I pray that Thou wouldst speed Thy coming Kingdom!

Oh to see Thee face to face, to fall before Thy feet and worship, to hear the angels sing in harmony in the sweetness of heaven as Thou return in glory to rid the world of the evil that so weighs it down, almost to the depths of hell, that Thou wilt once again reign over all and in all forever and ever…

Father, I thank Thee and pray Thee for these things in Jesus’ name and for His precious sake!


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