Sunday, March 29, 2009

Special Meeting - March 29, 2009 - Brooklyn, NY

I woke up the morning of March 29th and it felt like 4am even though it was actually 7:30am. It was cloudy and the fog seemed to cover everything from the 10th floor and up all across the city from the looks of it. (I am on the 11th floor, and on a hill to boot so I have a fairly unobstructed view). But I did not feel like rolling over and going back to sleep. I, NEVER a morning person was ready for is special like every day that I am still here and caring for my little one...but even more so because today was Special Meeting. I have been looking forward to it ever since Shannon wrote me that it was going to be on the 29th. More bread for my thirsty soul, more of the Spirit of God, and His Word in such abundance that it would surely fill and overflow. I am so glad for the need I feel now of Him and His cleansing and comfort in a way I never have in my life.

The meeting was so beautiful I want to post as much as I can recall but I will have to do it when I am a little more awake...I started this post the day of the meeting and then got sidetracked with all of the daily work that has to get done. I am going to take my time though and enjoy remembering all I heard and post it shortly.

Just really quickly I will note this, the Spirit of God is truly ONE and truly speaks to each of us...many of the workers(also known as God's messengers; sent ones) had a similar line of thought on some things and I especially enjoyed the fact that a few spoke from the book of Daniel which I had been studying myself on my own.

Final quick thought, it was lovely to see some of the workers that I knew as a little girl, more than a couple of them told my little Fiona..."I knew your mother when she was about your size". Dan Helenek and Shannon and Albert and Rosemary and Fern and Owen to name a few...but enjoyed this thought that again a few of them mentioned...we enjoy socializing with God's people but more importantly we enjoy the fellowship we share in God.

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