Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Precious Youth

Back in the day when I was 12 or so I was able to go to preps. I remember it was such a privilege to be able to serve in that way, and spend time with the workers.

It was there that I practiced playing hymns on the keyboard and slowly and painstakingly learned how to play by notes (I had played only by ear till then) seeing as I practiced for hours on end once the chores were done. It was there that I had many nice chats with the sister workers both spiritual and just normal day to day stuff.

Some days on duty with Sandra Shaw other days with Audrey Brown and so on. Those days our dear Lola Brown was alive as well. Lola Brown and Charles Stefen were some of the elder workers that I admired the most and was sorry to hear they are now no longer with us.

But I digress a bit, the point is, to many others it would seem like the most boring thing in the world, close to a punishment even...sent away for 2 weeks to "slave away" (since it was not paid work) and make convention grounds ready and spend time with only adults (unbeknownst to others I was always MUCH more comfortable with adults anyway rather than kids my own age and LOVED to chat with the older folk) and another kid or two at most for the most part, and even read the bible and pray every morning with them. To those that do not understand would be a drag indeed. To us young ones raised in professing homes, it was a sweet thing and will always be in my memory a fond time in my life. It was here too that in one of my talks with Audrey Brown she mentioned she wrote a poem for the youth of today and then gave me a copy of it. I read and re-read that poem and I memorized it so well that now, 18 years later I simply had to let my fingers fly over the keyboard as the poem materialized from my memory straight into the print of the Blog.

You know, over the years I have spoken to many people who seem to think "all that prayer and bible stuff is for old people"...that is one actual quote I got and many along those lines...which has always brought me back to that verse...

Ecclesiastes 12:1
" Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them..."

Precious Youth
by Audrey Brown

Oh precious youth so tender
Your life before you spread
With your highest aspirations
Down the road you've yet to tread

The joys that await you
Mingled with the tears
How will they shape you
as you travel through the years?

Great temptations will confront you
But Jesus faced them too
In the wilderness and on a mountain
All earth's kingdom's he reviewed

Will you choose as He chose?
To worship God alone
Or will you bend to temptation
To walk a path of your own?

The path you choose each morning
is one you'll walk all day
And if you choose the Lord's path
His light will guide your way

But if you choose your own path
A path without a guide
A path that lies in darkless
With no Savior by your side...

How will you see the pitfalls?
How will you see the snares?
How can you safely journey
with no one there who cares?

Oh the voice of sin is subtle
and the voice of sin is loud
but always it will lead you
to where men are vain and proud.

The voice of God is quiet
and quiet you must be
If you would hear Him speaking
His message unto Thee

And when He speaks that message
So pure and full of love
His purpose is to guide you
To His home up above!

Oh precious youth I beg you
Heed not the call of sin
But heed the call of Jesus
and ever let Him in!

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  1. Hi Laura, It was so nice to hear from you again and I am so happy that my poem has meant so much to you through the years. It was certainly written from my heart and the ability to write it was God-given and God-inspired. Nice to hear about your little family. I don't forget those days at Preps and the conventions - special days indeed. And it was encouraging to me to have you there and see your eagerness to help in any way your could. Please keep in touch. Love,Audrey


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